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"The Female Investigator"
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A Full-Service Private Investigative Agency
Welcome to Migues Investigative Agency, LLC

We are a diversified, full-service private investigative agency. We have
extensive experience in various facets of investigations such as worker's
compensation fraud, child custody, criminal defense, civil/criminal
background reports, homicides where the cause of death occurred under
suspicious circumstances and other services as listed on our services
page. I am known as the Louisiana "female investigator." I have the legal
knowledge, skill and experience to assist with all cases, no matter how
small or large. I am licensed by the State Board of Private Investigator
Examiners and have a diversified staff with key knowledge, skills and
experience so that my agency may be an asset. We know what it is like
to be a victim and against an unfair and unjust system and that is why I
formed my agency....to assist those that feel helpless and alone in a
cost-effective manner that you will appreciate. You do not need to feel
like a victim. We are here to guide you through the process and discover
the solution to the issues you may encounter. We have a legal adviser on
staff that can answer your questions about civil or criminal law in state
or federal court. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in an effective,
approachable strategy that will better your odds of success, no matter
what the issue.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your issue or issues and we
deliver results with quality work-product that will assure better odds
that you may encounter. When it comes to your livelihood or your peace
of mind, don't settle for less than you deserve. We are your last line of
defense and we deliver results when you need it the most.
Free Consultation. Call today. Result-oriented with proven results.
Migues Investigative Agency, LLC
A Full-Service Private Investigative Agency
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A Full-Service Private Investigative Agency
A Full-Service Private Investigative Agency